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Joining Ambit Energy in 2011

I want Join Ambit but I missed out on the Growth Phase.

Did you? I have a few thoughts I’d like to share.

First of all, I’ve joined plenty of businesses in that HUGE  initial growth phase… and they don’t always work out so well. Many are poorly run, under funded, and sold on hype. It’s Going to be HUGE!!! they shout as loud as they can and build an emotional reaction and then wouldn’t you know it. Funding dies, organization breaks down, websites don’t work, delivery dates pushed back.  You want to see the wind taken out of your teams sails, and fast. Most small businesses fail right? But not MLMs? Really…

Join Ambit Energy and you will find

Ambit is not a new company. Yes, that’s right. They have been around. That’s not a bad thing. Yes, you aren’t first. But do you want to be last? With Network marketing, getting in early does have certain benefits however with a good network marketing company even the last person to join still experiences some benefits. With Ambit Energy, they offer guaranteed savings.  Everyone has an opportunity to earn travel rewards and get FREE energy. Not a bad deal for the last person to join.

Joining Ambit Energy in 2011 is much different then back in 2006.

In 2006 Ambit did not have half the tools they have now. The training, the back office, the partnerships, contracts, and the acalades like being the fastest growing company (inc Magazine) or the fastest growing company in Dallas Texas.

Joining Ambit Today offers more opportunity then ever!

With now 4 states to do business in and More on the way. This means that the pool of potentially new customers in larger then ever! That’s something to get excited about. Also consider this fact which is a little bitter sweet I’ll admit. But check this out, in a recession… like the one we are in right now. More people are looking for work, an income, an opportunity then durring great economic times. This means the talent pool of people who are willing to take a look at various businesses is larger then it typically is. Smart people, talented people, people who know business. They don’t want to sell some kind of face lotion, or become a member of some cult all worshiping a juice in a nice bottle. They are looking for something with Massive opportunity.

Joining Ambit Energy is respectable

in All honesty, I have to say it. I joined Amway. I did, It was the year 2000 and I had just got out of the military and I was getting my first exposure to Network Marketing. I joined, but I always felt a little embarrassed by it. I was a 21 year old guy talking about vitamins, and skin care products, soaps, and what ever else they sold. I didn’t care at all about any of that stuff but I wanted to make money. So I tried it.

Joining Ambit Energy I can say, “I am an Energy Consultant!” and I’m proud of that.

I help people save money on their utility bills, earn travel rewards and in turn this helps me provide for my family. And you can too.

Join Ambit Today! Click here

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Join Ambit Energy and Go for the Gold

The Why in Joining Ambit Energy

Joining Ambit energy is really like the next American Gold Rush.

Energy will only deregulate once, and it’s happening right now. Some speculate that this will be the biggest shift in wealth ever. With Energy markets opening up to competition all over America for the very first time it’s creating competition and driving down prices and increasing customer service.

Join Ambit Energy as a customer

Why? Because you will save money, earn travel rewards and you will also help out a new father to pay for his kids college tuition, braces and foot ball practice. (that is describing me) It’s a win win situation.

Join Ambit Energy as a consultant… because it’s easy.

I’m not saying you’re going to get rich quick, and far be it for me to say this is so easy a cave man can do it… wouldn’t want to infringe on anyone’s copy right :-) … but really. This is not a hard business to do. Unlike most network marketing companies we aren’t product driven. Meaning, our product is a service, and one that EVERYONE already uses. It’s seriously simple.

Consultant – “Hi friend, Acquaintance, person I just met…. If I could show you a way to SAVE money on your utility bills AND earn travel rewards just by paying your electric or natural gas bill. Would you be interested?”

Friend: Acquaintance: Person just met – “Sure, tell me more. (or they ask a question about how reliable, or guarantees, what are the rates which we good consultants have all real and legit answers for)

Consultant – After you have earned their business as a customer… and are ready to switch their service over… “hey before I go ahead and do this, I was wondering, what if their was a way you could make money referring other people to this company… would you be interested in looking at a business opportunity. Most people start out part time but some people now do this full time and a few have even retired from this same program I’m in and the same one I’m showing you.”

That’s really it, it’s the K.I.S.S. methodology…. you know Keep It Simple Stupid!

The hardest part of that interaction… is the part underline in red. Because you do need to know what your talking about. BUT!!! If you follow our system. You won’t have to handle any questions you don’t feel comfortable with because you will simply do a three way call with another team member who is more knowlegable about Ambit Energy.

Join Ambit Today! Either as a Customer… to help me help you help my son.

Or Join Ambit Energy Today as a consultant

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Published on December 6, 2012 by in featured

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Published on December 6, 2012 by in featured

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