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Ambit Energy Review

Have you ever started a business? Even just a lemon aide stand… if your parents really wanted to teach you about business like mine, I remember my father adding up how much the lemon, sugar, cups, everything… how much does it cost.

“you will never know if you are profitable unless you know how much you’ve spent”

In This Review of Ambit Energy

I think it is important to break down the numbers. 429, and 25.

Recently i was asked in an email, if 429 is a tough number to have someone pay in order to Join Ambit. The answer can be yes or no. Yes if you can’t explain the value, and no… really truly no if you can just explain the value.  So let’s explain it.

If you want someone to tutor or teach you on something. They get paid. It’s that simple. I pay a tutor right now to teach me photoshop, illistrator, and after effects which are these huge graphical programs. I figured that was something I want to learn. So i found a guy who was willing to trade his time for money. He’s a capitalist. PLEASE LEAVE NOW if you don’t want to MAKE MONEY!

Joining Ambit Should be about making money

Sometimes people are offended that someone else is making money off them. I don’t get that. So yes, someone else will make money if you Join Ambit. If you join my team, I’ll make some money. Straight up, I will. BUT, then it’s my job, or responsibility to help you make money as well. See, if you look at it this way. An Employee trades time for dollars. BUT if the employer doesn’t help the employee do their job as best they can, then the employer doesn’t make money, enough to get paid to train the employee and pay the employee and pay himself the employer.

Joining Ambit is NOT a Job, and you are NOT an Employee

WINNING charlie sheen

Charlie Sheen

So if you aren’t an employee, you are a what? Business partner… everyone in my organization is a business partner. We ALL win when someone wins. Every company works the same way. When a car salesman sells a car, he WINS! The manager WINS! The General Manager WINS! The Store owner WINS! The vehicle distribution company WINS! The guy who drives the truck of new cars WINS! the Manufacturer who builds the cars WINS!!

There is Just a WHOLE lot of WINNING going on here! Like Charlie Sheen says, Da, WINNING!!

Same then when you Join Ambit WINNING!

Be on a team that is helping each other, and has tons of great information to truly support each new consultant.

Make a difference in your life and the lives of others by teaching them to NOT rely on the government, or some hand out or entitlement and to be smart and go start your own business. With Ambit the phrase “In business for yourself, but not by yourself” isn’t just a tag line but truly a way of living, and running a successful business.

Ronald Reagan unlike Charlie Sheen truly was a WINNER! He often was quoted as saying – “There is no measure to what you can achieve if you don’t care who gets the credit”

I love that quote. If I help others, and teach them to do the same, we can achieve Great things.


Please Join us on this quest to create 100 NEW MILLIONAIRES!



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