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Who is Chris Chambless?

If you are here you are probably considering if you will Join Ambit Energy. If I was going to spend time, and money. I would want to know that the foundation is strong, the leaders are normal honest people. I would want to know that me “building my own business” which actually is 100% reliant on wether or not the main business or company is still around and still paying people is going to be around, and is still going to be paying people.

With that said,

YES,  Ambit Energy is still around after 5 years of business.

YES, Ambit Energy is still paying their consultants, they didn’t sell out

Both good things. However, now is it seems like a copy cat company promising to do Ambit better then Ambit is popping up every month telling people. “YOU MISSED THE BOAT WITH AMBIT! they have been around too long, and you won’t be able to make significant income with Ambit.”

So, let’s break apart two logical thoughts which are like the double yellow lines on a road. They are so similar that they Almost should be the same topic.

1. Strong foundation of a company. Reliability. Integrity. Longevity.

To build a strong foundation it takes time. To prove one is reliable, it takes a track record. To show ones integrity, how else do you do it other then have time and circumstances showing decisions of ones charecter. Longevity… initial growth phase… those words don’t go together with out HOPE. “I hope that this initial growth phase sets us all up for a very long time…”

2. Getting paid with a network marketing company means?

If you’ve been in the industry a while, you’ve probably seen this. You’ve probably used this. It’s an interesting, thought provoking little cartoon video discussing network marketing and pyramid schemes.

Now the point is, in the video it is stated that in a good network marketing business someone that just gets in can actually do as well and have a similar opportunity as those that have been there a while.

Ambit is a good network marketing business.

Chris Chambless is a C-Level executive with Ambit

On Ambit’s official website you’ll find:

Co-Founder and Chief Marketing OfficerChris Chambless

Chris Chambless is Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Ambit Energy. As an early member of the management team at Excel Communications, he was responsible for all aspects of the company’s marketing and communications organization. Most recently, as the Vice President of Marketing at VarTec Telecom, he was responsible for all aspects of the company’s marketing strategy, including brand development, channel integration strategy, sales management and new product development.

On many other sites you’ll find Chris Chambless is Satan, he’s evil, he scamed people, he sucks, he’ll rip you off, be ware! and on and on it goes.

What to believe about Chris Chambless?

Well, we know he has been around a while. Which means he’s had some good, and some bad experiences. Anyone that knows anything about trading stocks knows they neither go straight up, or straight down. They tend to have these peeks and valley’s. I submit to you that is similar to what charting out someones career would look like.

I know from my own personal experience, being in sales and marketing for over 10 years. There are some people that I still don’t like, and still don’t like me after years of time has passed by. No one can be liked by everyone. Look at presidents, politicians, CEO’s, religious leaders, actors. Even people at your highschool. No one, is every going to be liked by everyone.

Chris Chambless Scam?

I say the same thing about politicians. I might not like the president, you might love him. Doesn’t mean he’s satan. Doesn’t mean he’s done something illegal.  To use the word “Scam” implies you think he should go to jail!? Really??? is that what you want. Or do you just wish that you would have made it with the last business?

Chris Chambless has proven himself.

I think at this point we’ve determined that

1. Ambit is not a new company

2. Ambit is still paying it’s consultants a lot of money

3. Chris Chambless is a part of this success.

4. Chris Chambless must have learned lessons from other failures and applied them to this latest Ambitious Adventure.

If you’d like to hear more about Chris Chambless and actually watch him in Action. In the side bar are links to Ambition events. Listen to the guy. Don’t be like so many FOOLS who talk politics only by regurgitating what some talking head on the TV says. If you’ve done your research, listened to both sides, gathered information and then decided which side of the battle you wish to be on. Fine, repeat away all the stuff you learned. But first… don’t seek to justify one point of view. Seek the Truth!

Click the image bellow to Join the Ambit Revolution.

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